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like a brilliant afterthought

as clear and lucid as the sky

Walking Contradiction
I'm a writer, primarily of fanfiction lately since all the original characters in my head have decided to give me the finger for the last three years -__-

I'm a college student (I can admit that online, I'm not ashamed!) in search of a major (because despite what I've thought for the last ten years of my life, I don't think English is what I wanna pursue in school). Current momentary fixation: a degree in linguistics?

I'm a HUGE Supernatural fan, and I DO ship Wincest. There is no human being - fictional or real - that I will ever love more than Dean motherfucking Winchester, and I like him best when he's fucking his baby brother. Because Sam is his everything, and I respect that :)

Check out corri_kun's and my Wincest story at epicwincest. It's cracky good fun about Sam and Dean being shipped to an alternate universe...in which they both, as well as many old friends are rock stars! XD